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An evening at Park Restaurant

Original photo credit: @toulastake. Enhanced with Instagram.

Despite being an affluent community minutes away from downtown Montreal, the City of Westmount has very few restaurants (I can pretty much count all of the worthwhile places to visit on one hand). In fact, while not that great a place, The Wellhouse, has recently shut its doors, leaving the area with one less place in which to dine at. On Thursday March 1st, Westmount gets a shot in the arm as Chef Antonio Park’s exquisite Park Restaurant opens it’s doors to the public.

It’s very rare that I’m ahead of the curve when it comes to brand new or happening restaurants in Montreal. I had no idea that Park was arriving, nor did I have any clue that Antonio was secretly holding a two week long soft launch right under my nose so when the opportunity presented itself to try the new restaurant before almost anyone else, I jumped on it.

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An evening at m:brgr

To kick things off – I love the food at m:brgr. I’ve never been disappointed by a visit and this past Saturday night was no exception. I’m very much a fan of sticking with what works. So in the couple of visits I’ve made since it opened in 2008, I’ve stuck with the standard AAA burger, regular toppings, a side of fries and the Moishe’s classic coleslaw. I’ll be the first to admit that with a menu that offers the kind of choice it does, my standard is the least exciting way to go – albeit scrumptious all the same.

Saturday night however, I wanted to try something different. Earlier in the week I put a call out on Twitter to see if anyone had any recommendations for what I should try. I got some great responses and the items I decided to go with were excellent.

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